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Megalytics enables timely, effective investment and management decisions through an automated platform that integrates large and disparate data sources and proprietary algorithms and scoring models to help standardize due diligence and risk assessment processes.


Based on the transaction, our intelligent system will select the most relevant information required so you can make the best possible decision.


We uniquely combine disparate data sets to discover fresh insights.


By automating data gathering and analytics, we use technology to dramatically reduce turnaround time. 


Our proprietary scoring models are based on the transaction and its risk components.


We leverage both big and small data sets, delivering the most comprehensive set of information for analyzing transactions. 


Nobody gives their clients more actionable information than Megalytics.

Managing Risk

We work with real estate owners along the life cycle of asset acquisition to asset management to asset disposition to better help them manage their risk.

Why Asset Managers Choose Megalytics

They get results they need, with fast turnaround. And the information is geared to the key risk components of the deal.


 Built for real estate people by real estate experts

Cloud-based SaaS platform with real-time data feeds

Business rules engine determines which data sources to access based on transaction type and its components that need to be anlayzed.

  • Data collection, storage, cleansing, harmonization, aggregation and visualization
  • Megalytics developed scoring algorithms and model
  • Key data providers including proprietary, transnational, 3rd party, public and government
  • Thousands of data sources accessed in real time
  • Most comprehensive due diligence based on hundreds of risk components

What our clients say

The Village of East Dundee hired Megalytics to complete a marketing analysis. The Megalytics team was great to work with and they helped us design a report that would suit our needs and  help us to achieve our economic development goals. The report gave us critical information that we were able to share with developers, brokers, corporations, and small businesses to effectively communicate the East Dundee market.

The Village of East Dundee /  East Dundee

We consistently struggle to attract new retail concepts, especially, b/c of new developments in neighboring cities, the credit card data is something concrete we can show directly to retailers on how our property ranks in terms of spending. This is extremely valuable to ANY retailer and of course owner.

Hemali Patel /  H &A Holdings Group

Because of the information your assessment uncovered, we were able to do a 450,000-square-foot deal that prior to getting your report, we didn’t think we could get approved.

Jay Minchilli /  J.P.Morgan Asset Management

I am very impressed with the wealth of information generated in a tight timeframe.

James Gillen /  Invesco Real Estate

I have shared the reports you have done for us with my colleagues at Westcore and needless to say they are impressed.

John Fefley /  Westcore Properties

You gave me more information than any other report ever has.

Brad Simpkins /  TIAA

I can’t believe I got all this information in just two business days.


This is the most informative tenant due diligence report I’ve ever seen.


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