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With the rapid advancements of Augmented Intelligence and predictive algorithms, in addition to the ever growing avalanche of rapidly flowing big data, the ability to extract more vivid insights and predict behavior has never been more on target. Readily available data in numerous flavors concerning performance of industry, sectors at a very granular level, as well as private corporations, their performance, estimated revenues, in addition to default data, court filings, social media and primary, secondary and tertiary news feeds, all are enabling algorithms to gauge with great accuracy the various aspects of a CRE tenant viability. The stream of data also enables the continuous automated monitoring and gauging of their viability as it fluctuates up and down over the lease tenure.

While Megalytics fully embraces the AI driven automation, it also boasts a think tank of CRE experts that continuously monitor and tweak the algorithms, integrates new factors, creates new measuring elements and advances its predictive capabilities forward. On an operational basis, as we assess potential CRE tenants for our clients, nothing as of yet replaces the final wrapper of an AI product like a human touch. Our experts ensure a quality check of our Premium and Advantage assessments before they go out to the clients and often introduce additional positive points, red flags, lease security options and sometimes minor score alignments. This of course is in addition to the algorithm driven results already auto generated by our assessment engine.
We also listen to our clients and often accompany them in their due diligence calls with the C-Suite of the CRE tenant explaining our finding and helping them drive their inquiries in the final assessment of the viability of a tenant.

With the continued fine-tuning of predictive algorithms and the inevitable increase in data preciseness covering new aspects every day, it is inevitable that the data driven insight will be become all the more relevant in the CRE industry. Megalytics’ automated risk assessment capabilities empowers the decision making process within the CRE industry, delivered with a human touch.


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