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Just because a deal is in the opportunity zone, does it mean it has merit? There are a number of moving parts which could impact the outcome of your investment. Megalytics has the most comprehensive and granular data sets which can drill down and look at the underlying macro or micro economic trends in the area.

For example, an opportunity zone is near a large metro area. The developers are proposing a mixed use retail, hotel, office and MF development. What are the key factors that need to be looked at? Is there a trend for movement into the area or are more people moving out from that area? For the retail portion, where are the shoppers, what is their spend wallet, where do they shop now, what do they and the community need in retail? For the hotel, who will use it, business, and tourists, at what price points? For the office, what is the local workforce, where will office workers come from, how far is the commute, what are the neighborhood amenities at lunch, after work, what type of tenants will you be able to attract? For MF, will it be market rate, affordable, senior housing, own or rent, demographics, where will they move from, what are the unintended consequences of providing new housing in the neighborhood if it create a lot of vacancies in older units? What are the traffic and pedestrian patterns around and into the zone? What is the flavor of the talent pool within commuting distance and which industries would benefit the most? What industries are thriving within the local and metro area and would they see the benefit of expanding within the zone if you invested there? These, among many, are key decision points that we can answer precisely given our numerous data sets and analytics methodologies.

Megalytics would unlock the potential of your investment in a given opportunity zone by revealing various opportunities pent up demand and hidden risks, and we would also paint a clearer picture around the drivers you are taking into consideration for your investment so you would be on solid footing proceeding or directing your capital elsewhere

With our detailed output and quick turn-around time, we are a partner that our clients find indispensable around their decision making table.

Let us be your partner! Contact us at info@megalytics.net


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