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Quite often, the financial viability and underlying risk of a commercial tenant is evaluated independently from the lease provisions such as the overall exposure by the landlord or property owner in capital outlay, including tenant improvements, rent abatements, commissions and other incentives. By separating these related and dependent workflows, an asset manager or property owner might be exacerbating their risk unnecessarily and give away more than what is reasonable in light of a tenant’s financial condition and overall market risk.
The Megalytics Premium Assessment integrates the financial exposure and risk of the tenant into its automated lease analysis including suggested security options. Over 21 different factors are taken into account in the risk mitigation options that go well beyond a security deposit or letter of credit. Our proprietary algorithms and scoring drives unique insights and very customized lease, risk mitigating options. Our clients prefer this analysis because it offers creative and pragmatic ways to get a deal done that might otherwise be turned down or saves them from a potential unacceptable default down the road. In most cases it leads to a material adjustment in the lease structure that mitigates the risks. This only becomes apparent once the lease analysis is viewed in conjunction with the tenant financials and compared against local and national industry metrics.

Megalytics relies on its analytics algorithms not only to provide insights, but to give answers and propose solutions to our CRE clients to help them with their tenant management decision.
Megalytics, Inc. is a Chicago based company founded in 2014 to address the growing need for data driven solutions, using validated business intelligence and providing increased transparency in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Megalytics provides automated due diligence and unique insights used for underwriting tenants, properties, locations and submarkets. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms and scoring, we use machine learning and augmented intelligence to extract data, real time, from a multitude of data sets, big and small and wide, to offer the most comprehensive, granular analysis available in the industry today with immediate turnaround. We serve the largest tech-savvy owners of institutional real estate and property, acquisition and asset managers, delivering data-driven analytic solutions through tech-enabled service.

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