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Unmatched Depth and Breadth of Expertise


Our team of real estate and financial experts guide us in the development of our real estate solutions.


We are setting a new standard for reviewing tenants and properties using data and analytics in a way that has never before been combined. 


Commercial real estate is at an inflection point.  With the increase in the use of technology and data driven decision-making, transparency and market efficiency will rise to new levels never seen before.   


There must be a reason.  No other tenant due diligence provider has this level of experience across the fields of Real Estate, Banking and Finance. Our advisory team and investors are industry thought leaders that add tremendous value to our products, strategy, and day-to-day operations.






Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and the industry. 

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Leading Local Organizations Play a Role in Our Growth


Megalytics was selected as one of five participants of session 2.0 of the Elmspring accelerator in January 2015, and recently completed an intensive three-month boot camp operated by the Elmspring accelerator, part of 1871 in Chicago.  The Elmspring accelerator is an early stage technology accelerator that supports start-up companies with a comprehensive network of resources and enterprise development tools.  A collaborative effort of Century 21 Affiliated and Waterton Associates, Elmspring has built its program using lean startup methodology and practices. Learn more...

Wintrust Ventures

Wintrust Venture.  Wintrust is the second largest locally based bank, with $19 billion in assets, and has recently begun to make technology investments in Chicago. The bank is working with Megalytics to enhance its commercial due diligence automation tools and to jointly build a product that can be used by community banks.  Learn more...

West Loop Ventures

West Loop Ventures we invests in seed or Series A B2B financial technology startups that solve problems in institutional finance.  Their founders usually have hands on experience with the problems they are solving.  They build innovative and scalable solutions.  They have a growth mindset with openness to mentorship. They also have an inside track to selling to their customers. Learn more...


Why I Believe in Megalytics

Comments from the Team

AVP, Asset Management An investment management service provider with over $8 billion in real estate assets under management.

Yes, the analysis met my expectations. I find the overall score, financial statement analysis, business performance benchmarking, and red flags sections extremely helpful. The financial scoring methodology and credit rating are also very straight forward. These assessments help us determine how financially stable a tenant is and whether or not we want them to be leasing space in our buildings and/or how much security we will require from them.

VP CRE Management A fully integrated real estate services firm.

Megalytics deal risk assessment was helpful and provided a good background on the potential tenant’s history and future viability.

SVP Asset Management A real estate investment management firm with over $40 billion of assets under management.

The information on the Megalytics assessment for tenant corporate structure was particularly helpful. In addition, the pages listing “Red Flags” and “Positive Points” were very helpful and provided good, concise information.

VP Asset Management One of the largest publicly traded real estate services companies with over $4 billion of assets under management.

We appreciate Megalytics services and the latest deal risk assessment was very helpful. They are already a significant tenant, but Megalytics helped independently confirm their status.

VP Finance A large provider of premium hospitality and workplace services

Megalytics assessments were helpful in making our decisions and we appreciate all your efforts in getting us meaningful information when there is not much to report on.

Acquisitions Lead Global real estate investment management firm with over $40 Billion in assets under management.

Megalytics reports were put together very well and I appreciate the timely response. It was helpful to learn more about the specific industries that our tenants fall under to understand the macro economic environment as a whole.

Senior Asset Manager A real estate investment company with over $700M of industrial and office assets under management.

The Megalytics assessment was extremely helpful. Your team participated in a call with us and the tenant to get a better understanding of their business and financial operations. In the end, your questions and final analysis gave us the comfort level to agree to the tenant’s requested securitization.

VP Asset Management VP Asset Management

Megalytics alerted us that suddenly a new secured lender filed a blanket UCC filing on one of our tenant’s assets. Since we were not made aware of this by the tenant, we put the appropriate measures in place to protect the assets secured under our landlord lien.

David Brown

I have always had an appreciation for the role data plays in making good real estate decisions, whether it be for acquisitions, dispositions, leasing or management.  The first time I met Donna Salvatore and heard about Megalytics, I knew there was a need for their services in the market and I wanted to be part of it as an advisor and investor.  My commercial real estate career began 30 years ago in the Investment Research Department of Jones Lang Wootton.   Back then, we had to search hard for the right data before we could apply it in order to advise clients.  Now that we all are drowning in the amount of data available, Megalytics is the best way to synthesize everything and provide simple, easy to understand ratings and reports for real estate professionals who need to make the right decisions right away. I was proud be part of the early development of Megalytics as a member of the Board of Advisors.

Stephen Roulac

Merging big data and AI (artificial intelligence), to implement analytic automation, Megalytics promises to bring a standard of sophistication, consistency, scale power and economy that can transform property practice. I’m involved as an advisor to and investor in Megalytics because the company is the implementation of the future some years ago that I projected could transform the property markets.”

Charlie Wurtzebach Former Board Member

As real estate investment becomes more competitive, one of the distinguishing characteristics between investors who succeed and those who do not, will be effective risk analysis and assessment.  Megalytics primary focus is on harnessing  the ever growing sources of big data to mitigate investment risk,  which allows their clients to gain a competitive edge.

Jan Davis Former Board Member

I have invested both time and capital in Megalytics because there is a need for higher quality data and analytics to reduce risks associated with commercial real estate-based lending and leasing.  As the company continues to grow, the industry will have its first ever equivalent to the consumer FICO score.

The Village of East Dundee East Dundee

The Village of East Dundee hired Megalytics to complete a marketing analysis. The Megalytics team was great to work with and they helped us design a report that would suit our needs and  help us to achieve our economic development goals. The report gave us critical information that we were able to share with developers, brokers, corporations, and small businesses to effectively communicate the East Dundee market.

Hemali Patel H &A Holdings Group

We consistently struggle to attract new retail concepts, especially, b/c of new developments in neighboring cities, the credit card data is something concrete we can show directly to retailers on how our property ranks in terms of spending. This is extremely valuable to ANY retailer and of course owner.

Jay Minchilli J.P.Morgan Asset Management

Because of the information your assessment uncovered, we were able to do a 450,000-square-foot deal that prior to getting your report, we didn’t think we could get approved.

James Gillen Invesco Real Estate

I am very impressed with the wealth of information generated in a tight timeframe.

John Fefley Westcore Properties

I have shared the reports you have done for us with my colleagues at Westcore and needless to say they are impressed.

Brad Simpkins TIAA

You gave me more information than any other report ever has.

I can’t believe I got all this information in just two business days.

This is the most informative tenant due diligence report I’ve ever seen.

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