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Market Analytics

Geofence your opportunity

Megalytics Geofencing

Geofencing is the intelligent tracking of people when they enter or leave a pre-defined virtual geographic boundary. It can accurately track where people live or work during the day or night, down to Census Block Group or ZIP code level.

Our data is based on the creation of an anonymous database of inferred neighborhoods for the millions of users from GPS data. By observing nighttime and daytime points from the same user over weeks or months, home neighborhoods can be identified with a high degree of confidence for most users. To protect privacy, individual people and homes are never identified.

Our data is derived from 100 MM mobile devices that have location allowed on their mobile phone applications


Define the trade area using actual shopper GPS tracking, cell phone and merchant credit card data


Determine consumer and household demographics and psychographics   


Assess consumer spending patterns within the trade area.


Determine spending and leakage outside of the trade area.


Determine which retailers are NOT in your trade area.


Determine the optimal candidates for a vacant space or shopping center based on square footage and tenant mix.


Based on the trade area, true demographics, spending patterns, gap and void analysis and current tenant mix, determine which retail candidate are likely to be the best long term fit.   


Pick the best retail site location given traffic patterns, local demographics, current tenants, trade area saturation, and customer spending patterns and demographics.


Understand your shopping center and how it ranks vs. all other shopping centers based on merchant scoring, retail tenant make up and neighborhood analytics.

What our clients say

The Village of East Dundee hired Megalytics to complete a marketing analysis. The Megalytics team was great to work with and they helped us design a report that would suit our needs and  help us to achieve our economic development goals. The report gave us critical information that we were able to share with developers, brokers, corporations, and small businesses to effectively communicate the East Dundee market.

The Village of East Dundee /  East Dundee

We consistently struggle to attract new retail concepts, especially, b/c of new developments in neighboring cities, the credit card data is something concrete we can show directly to retailers on how our property ranks in terms of spending. This is extremely valuable to ANY retailer and of course owner.

Hemali Patel /  H &A Holdings Group

Because of the information your assessment uncovered, we were able to do a 450,000-square-foot deal that prior to getting your report, we didn’t think we could get approved.

Jay Minchilli /  J.P.Morgan Asset Management

I am very impressed with the wealth of information generated in a tight timeframe.

James Gillen /  Invesco Real Estate

I have shared the reports you have done for us with my colleagues at Westcore and needless to say they are impressed.

John Fefley /  Westcore Properties

You gave me more information than any other report ever has.

Brad Simpkins /  TIAA

I can’t believe I got all this information in just two business days.


This is the most informative tenant due diligence report I’ve ever seen.


Retailers are using our data to predict shopping behaviors

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