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Multi-Family Analytics

Analyze your property with Megalytics® Multi-Family Analytics

Evaluate your Market Rate or Affordable Housing project or investment    

Compare Multi-Family properties using similar methodology and scoring


For building or zip+4


New MF units in planning or construction 


Home values

Rent or own

Household credit wallet


Fitness center, dry cleaning, restaurants

Grocery stores, gas stations and banks


Business startups and cessations

New construction permits

New business licenses


Evaluation of property management

Violations against city codes

Social media



Walk, transit, and bike scores

Parking score

School score


Crimes by type and ZIP code

Crimes per capita

Safety score


Determine zoning restrictions, rent comps based on area and unit mix, operating expense, cap rates, construction costs, and neighborhood analytics.




Pre-LOI, you can determine the aggregated credit score for a building or zip plus 4, the nearby developments, accessibility score, amenities score, property management, school score, and distance to grocery stores, schools, banks and gas stations. 



Post LOI, you need to complete a lease analysis, building inspection, understand where your tenants work, complete background checks and global watch list checking. Determine where your tenants work, get Individual credit scores and understand the average age, turnover and occupancy rates

What our clients say

The Village of East Dundee hired Megalytics to complete a marketing analysis. The Megalytics team was great to work with and they helped us design a report that would suit our needs and  help us to achieve our economic development goals. The report gave us critical information that we were able to share with developers, brokers, corporations, and small businesses to effectively communicate the East Dundee market.

The Village of East Dundee /  East Dundee

We consistently struggle to attract new retail concepts, especially, b/c of new developments in neighboring cities, the credit card data is something concrete we can show directly to retailers on how our property ranks in terms of spending. This is extremely valuable to ANY retailer and of course owner.

Hemali Patel /  H &A Holdings Group

Because of the information your assessment uncovered, we were able to do a 450,000-square-foot deal that prior to getting your report, we didn’t think we could get approved.

Jay Minchilli /  J.P.Morgan Asset Management

I am very impressed with the wealth of information generated in a tight timeframe.

James Gillen /  Invesco Real Estate

I have shared the reports you have done for us with my colleagues at Westcore and needless to say they are impressed.

John Fefley /  Westcore Properties

You gave me more information than any other report ever has.

Brad Simpkins /  TIAA

I can’t believe I got all this information in just two business days.


This is the most informative tenant due diligence report I’ve ever seen.


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