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Tenant Risk Assessment

Nothing is Faster or More Comprehensive


We provide a unique score which takes into account a number of quantitative and qualitative risk factors.  We have more scoring components than anyone else.


Our red flags and positive points are auto-generated, unlike subjective manually created reports, thereby removing the possibility of a subjective review missing key points. Positive points can serve as an off-set to red flags.


We have quantified the methodology to determine 12 key factors that can go into the determination of the security for the lease. The risk mitigating options that best apply to the transaction are automatically selected.

Megalytics Viability Assessment

We do office tenant assessment, retail tenant assessment, industrial tenant assessment and more.

  • Evaluate risk for both private and public companies.
  • Reduce tenant defaults and strengthen your rent roll.
  • Tenant Credit Review
  • Analyze both small and large lease transactions. 
  • For new tenants, lease renewals, expansions, contractions, rent relief requests, relocations.
  • Two-page summary of key findings.

Viability Score

Unparalleled Depth of Risk Analysis

Multi-Faceted Risk Analysis
  • Only by having this complete set of real time risk components can you truly assess the risk of a transaction.
  • Interactive menu allows users to pick and choose components most relevant to their transaction.
  • No other assessment in the industry offers as many levels of risk analysis as Megalytics does.

Tenant Locations and Transaction Volumes

 Our Business Continues to Grow



You can run Megalytics through our Self-Serve Platform or as a Service Bureau

1. Gather Documents

Determine applicable transaction information including lease and tenant financials

2. Enter Information

Complete the Megalytics Viability Assessment order form available on-line or off-line

3. Upload Documents

Documents are uploaded through a secure site

4. Clients Receive a...

You will receive a completed Full-blown Assessment as well as a Risk Summary.  We offer the most comprehensive report with the fastest turnaround available. 

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